Are Dental Implants Worth the Time and Expense?

Dental implants are expensive and time-consuming. The cost of one implant to replace a single missing tooth can cost thousands of dollars. The minimum number of appointments required is three, and healing time takes six to eight weeks. Even mini implants to secure dentures are an investment, although they can be completed in one visit.

A New Option

An implanted-supported full arch restoration is the latest trend in implants for denture wearers. The cost is lower than the traditional eight implants required to secure dentures because only four implants have to be fused to the jawbone. The time investment is the same in terms of appointments and healing time, but the new procedure makes implanted dentures more affordable. They will be held in place more securely than if a mini implant procedure was selected.

The implant count is less due to anterior and posterior stays placed near the front and at the back of the mouth. These help keep teeth in place and much more stable them the mini implant results. The back stays are tilted at an angle to hold in place without a bone graft. The bone graft procedure is a common necessity for denture wearers, so that also helps lower costs.

Why Not Stick with Regular Dentures?

Regular dentures are much more affordable when considering that the full arch restoration will still cost tens of thousands of dollars. A bit of adhesive and they stay in place to a certain degree. The reason is overall better oral health. This is also the reason why any implant is worth the time and expense.

Spend the Time and Money

Leaving gaps in the mouth will lead to teeth shifting, brushing becoming more difficult, the risk of infections and gum disease rising, and bad breath. That is just the beginning. Poor oral health affects the heart, immune system, digestive health, and circulation. Then there is the excruciating pain from cavities, open sores, and abscesses.

Schedule a consultation with a comprehensive practice, such as Westvale Dental Care in Syracuse, to explore options for improved oral health. The sooner that happens, the less likely implants will be necessary.

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